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PANTHRIX hair growth activator tonic Redensyl

PANTHRIX hair growth activator tonic Redensyl

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PANTHRIX hair growth activator tonic Redensyl 100 ml


Panthrix hair growth activator with the active ingredient complex Redensyl, which counteracts hair loss:

PANTHRIX hair growth activator tonic Redensyl Effectiveness:


The effectiveness of Redensyl has been proven in clinical tests and studies.
Supports natural hair growth: Redensyl stimulates blood circulation, which supplies the hair follicles with important nutrients and vitamins.
Award-winning active ingredient: Redensyl® received the In-Cosmetics Silver Award from the In-Cosmetics Global Group in 2014 for innovative active ingredients
Hormones: The active ingredient has no effect on the hormonal balance

The first (measurable) results can be expected after about 6-10 weeks, then the changes begin to become visible. Shedding is possible during this growth phase.

The practical dosage form, the fine and fresh fragrance and the excellent tolerance make it pleasant to use.


PANTHRIX hair growth activator tonic Redensyl application

Apply 5–6 doses each morning and evening directly to the scalp. Gently massage the solution into the appropriate areas. Do not rinse. After taking effect, the hair can be styled as desired.

Note on the mechanism of action
Redensyl® reactivates inactive hair follicles and thus promotes hair growth. After about 2–4 weeks of continuous use, the scalp has got used to the active ingredient complex Redensyl® and the hair follicles are strong enough to produce new hair substance outside of the skin layer. The hair is in the growth phase and is increasingly gaining length and density. The first (measurable) results can be expected after about 6–10 weeks. The changes then begin to become visible. The progress of the process can also depend on the genetic disposition and several environmental factors (lifestyle, diet, etc.). For this reason, Panthrix® should be tested for at least 3 months before the results are assessed.


PANTHRIX hair growth activator tonic Redensyl Shedding


Shedding (Engl. To shed lose) designates the short periods of strong but harmless hair loss as part of the successful topical hair growth therapy. Due to the successful treatment, the hairs with a short life expectancy fall out in the telogen growth phase and give way to the new hairs in the anagen growth phase, which are not only thicker but also live longer.


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