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GEON ovulation thermometer - Ovulation Thermometer

GEON ovulation thermometer - Ovulation Thermometer

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  • Ovulation thermometer is an electronic device that helps you identify fertile days in your menstrual cycle. The thermometer works to two decimal places, is waterproof and has a sound signal before and after the measurement.

Action and use:
The ovulation thermometer is a waterproof, highly flexible and accurate camera that makes it easy and convenient to measure the temperature needed to determine fertility in a menstrual cycle. This thermometer displays the temperature of the body to two decimal places, which emphasizes the quality of the device and its help in correcting fertility and ovulation. The thermometer has a measurement memory, a sound before use and after use, and a fever alarm at temperatures above 37.8 degrees Celsius. By using the thermal method, the temperature measurement time must be strictly observed and the best time to do the measurement is at the same time as the basic temperature may vary significantly during the day and night.

Temperature should be measured daily, always at the same time. Measurements should be avoided prior to measurement and the measurement method should be established from the beginning, either orally or vaginally without altering the measurement method. Cervical temperature is between 0.3 and 0.6 degrees Celsius higher. If you measure the temperature orally, measure throughout the cycle, also during menstruation. When measuring vaginal temperature, measure the day after menstruation. Detailed measurement instructions are included in the package.

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