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OVULATION TEST AMIL plate x 5 pcs.

OVULATION TEST AMIL plate x 5 pcs.

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  • OVULATION TEST Amil, for the qualitative detection of increase in the concentration of luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine, which allows to determine the time of ovulation, and gives the highest probability of becoming pregnant.

Ovulation Test Amil, a test for it yourself in the comfort of your home without having to visit a doctor and the laboratory. Test indicate the days on which there is the greatest risk of becoming pregnant, and detects the increase in the concentration of luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine.

Before testing should determine the length of the menstrual cycle (length counted from the first day of bleeding to the day before the next bleeding). In order to determine the date on which should start to run tests use the leaflet reproduced in the table. In the event of difficulty in determining the length of the cycle, you can start testing 11 days after onset of menstruation. Tests should be carried out for 5 consecutive days or until an increase in LH.
To get accurate results: tests must be carried out at the same time, preferably between the hours of 10 and 20 belong to reduce fluid intake for 2 hours before the test to perform the tests should not be used the first morning urine.

Cash and storage of the sample:
A sample of urine collected belong to a clean, dry pot. If you need to do the test later in the day, you can download and store the sample. Urine sample can be stored for 8 hours at room temperature and up to 24 hours in a refrigerator (after removal from the refrigerator, leave the sample for about 30 minutes to reach room temperature). Do not freeze the sample. Do not shake the container. If you see the sediment let him fall. For the test use only urine from the top of the container.

Implementation of the test:
Immediately prior to assay, open the foil package and remove the plate assay
Place the assay plate on a clean, level surface. With the help of the attached pipette Apply 4 drops of the urine sample to the window plate and start time measurement.
Read the result after 5 minutes and discard the test plate. Do not interpret the result after more than 30 minutes.


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