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Ottilan Med ear drops 15ml

Ottilan Med ear drops 15ml

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Ottilan Med ear drops 15ml

  • Ear drops Ottilan Med is a medical device with copper and silver nanocolloids and glycerol. The preparation relieves pain and swelling, i.e. symptoms of otitis externa, moreover, it has antimicrobial properties.

Composition of Ottilan Med ear drops:

Glycerol, silver nanocolloid, copper nanocolloid.

Operation Ottilan Med ear drops:

The product has a soothing effect on symptoms of external ear inflammation such as swelling, pain, a feeling of ear clogging and hearing loss, pruritus and a feeling of skin tightness. The glycerol contained in the medical device Ottilan Med provides an osmotic effect, it supports the process of removing excessively accumulated fluid from the tissues of the external auditory canal, thus helping to reduce pain and swelling. In addition, it creates a protective barrier on the skin surface. Silver nanocolloids, by oxidizing action, contribute to the death of pathogenic microorganisms, and copper nanocolloids limit their development.

Ottilan Med Ear drops Application:
Medical device Ottilan Med ear drops intended for use as an auxiliary in the treatment of inflammation of the external auditory canal, which are caused by infections of various origins.

Ottilan Med Ear drops Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. For people wearing hearing aids: the preparation can be used one hour before inserting the hearing aid. The possibility of using drops in pregnant women and breastfeeding women should be consulted with a physician. After opening, use within 30 days. In the case of prolonged swelling and pain of the ear, consult a doctor as these may be signs of a fungal or bacterial infection.

Ottilan Med Ear drops Contraindications:
Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the drop. Do not use if the tympanic membrane is damaged or suspected of damage. Do not use in case of bleeding or leakage from the ear, severe ear pain with accompanying hearing impairment. Do not use below 12 months of age. Do not use immediately after surgery within the ear.

Side effects: Adverse reactions
may occur during treatment, in case of hypersensitivity to any component, an allergic reaction may occur. You should stop using the drops and consult a physician.

How to use Ottilan Med ear drops:

Before use, it is recommended to read the detailed description of the use of the product. Apply to the external auditory canal. Drop 1-2 drops into the aching ear, use up to three times a day. If there is no improvement after three days of using the product, please consult your doctor. Longer use of the product is possible only with the indication of a doctor.


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