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OSLONIK MAX x 10 sachets, Inulin

OSLONIK MAX x 10 sachets, Inulin

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  • OSŁONIK MAX (Inulin) is a product containing probiotics, adjusting work of the digestive system, which restores the normal bacterial flora in the intestines.

Content in 1 capsule: 200 mg Inulin * Lyophilized cells of Saccharomyces yeast strain boulardii2 x 109 CFIT, freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG 2 x 109 CFU *. The content of the two sachets: 400 mg Inulin * Lyophilized cells of Saccharomyces yeast strain boulardiiAx 109 CFU * The freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria.

Dietary supplement characterized by a complex composition. It includes yeast strain Saccharomyces boulardii and lactic acid bacteria and prebiotic in the form of inulin. With these components affect the regulation of the digestive process and maintain a proper microflora digestive system. It also prevents the colonization of microorganisms adversely affecting the body.

It is recommended to use the alternative preparation to normalize the bacterial microflora, regulate bowel movements and diarrhea treatment.

It should be served 1-2 sasz./24h while eating or after ingestion.


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