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OLIMP Thermo Stim x 60 caps. facilitate fat loss

OLIMP Thermo Stim x 60 caps. facilitate fat loss

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  • THERMO STIM is a unique dietary supplement based on the scientifically developed formula, abounding in the best known and tested active substances strongly stimulate thermogenesis.
This is the only such a comprehensive fat burner, which synergistically acting ingredients together stimulate metabolism and reduce fat with the release of heat energy.

THERMO STIM contains SINETROL and THERMOCORE MTRX, which are the result of the work of scientists and not the case! • SINETROL

Unique, Highly concentrated plant extract that contains valuable active substances contained in citrus fruits supporting fat burning.
Sinetrol is a top quality, patented extract, carefully selected fruit of orange, grapefruit and citrus, the slimming effect has been confirmed by clinical trial. Sinetrol® contains up to 90% of active polyphenols responsible for its special slimming properties. Included in the THERMO STIM Sinetrol is an exclusive component supporting the reduction of subcutaneous fat whose effectiveness has been proven in a clinical trial *!
- Up to 90% of active polyphenols
- 6-fold increased lipolysis (by inhibiting the enzyme - phosphodiesterase cAMP)
- Certain effect, slimming effect CONFIRMED TRIAL! - Capsaicin - an extremely active substances originating from concentrated extracts of bitter oranges and cayenne pepper, act as a stimulant to the fat cells, causing a reduction in their volume and accelerated release of fat - 1,3,7-trimetyloksantyna ( caffeine) and 3,7-dimetylksantyna (theobromine) - methylxanthines - active compounds, which significantly accelerate the rate of metabolism, stimulate and energize, moreover theobromine, occurring naturally in cocoa may improve mood and well-being - EGCG - green tea catechins, substances polyphenolic speed up the fat burning process in the body, powerful antioxidants and activators of lipolysis, help eliminate energy reserves of fat cells - Ketones raspberry - natural fragrances of fruits raspberries, structurally similar to capsaicin, and gingerols (active compounds of ginger), which together may have a positive effect on the rate of reduction of body fat mass and the associated induce weight loss - ACG - niepalonych extract from green coffee beans chlorogenic acids enhance the economy of sugars in the body, lowering the speed of absorption may cause a significant decrease in appetite and weight loss - Bioperine® - black pepper extract containing as much as 95% of piperine, warms the body, accelerates thermogenesis, promotes the absorption of other active components of the preparation. THERMO STIM additionally contains a complex of vitamins that are absolutely necessary in the process of obtaining energy from fat. Only the correct number of them in the body ensures that the process of degradation of subcutaneous fat for energy will occur smoothly. This is a perfect complement to the other active components of the preparation.

Food supplement for adults, physically active and, as a means to facilitate fat loss.
It should not be used in case of pregnancy, lactation, heart disease, hypertension and susceptibility to depression or hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. Before you start weight loss therapy is recommended to consult a doctor or nutritionist. Note: The product is intended for adults. It contains a high dose of caffeine! Before you use the product, read the leaflet! Dosage:

1-3 capsules daily drink plenty of water, approx. 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and training. Do not exceed the recommended daily servings for consumption during the day. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


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