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OLEUM ricini 100ml, castor oil

OLEUM ricini 100ml, castor oil

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  • OLEUM ricini. Castor oil is a natural preparation with laxative properties. Irritating to the intestine provoking them to operate more efficiently and increase intestinal transit. The effect of purging occurs after 2-4 hours after administration.

Castor oil (Oleum ricini FP IV).

The preparation has a composition of natural origin. It contains castor oil obtained by cold pressing seeds of the castor bean. He is responsible for the strong laxative properties. Used an irritant stimulates intestinal peristalsis and increases the penetration of water and electrolytes across the intestinal wall, while affecting to limit its absorption. Defecation takes place already 2-4 hours after application.

- allergic to the ingredients
- inflammatory responses within the gastrointestinal tract
- ileus or bile
- rectal bleeding
- gastrointestinal discomfort

It is recommended to use the product as a laxative for constipation.

For oral use. For adults and adolescents over 12 years of age use 1-2 tablespoons.


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