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  • OFTOPHENAZOL eye drops - this combination drug for the topical use. Contained components responsible for local constriction of blood vessels and mitigate the inflammatory conditions.

sulphate antazoline (Antazolini sulfas), naphazoline nitrate (Naphazolini nitras)

The drug is recommended to be used in case of acute inflammation of the conjunctiva and the accompanying periodic całorocznemu allergic inflammation of the eye. Also indicated by the irritation of the conjunctiva caused by the use of contact lenses by exposure to sunlight, tobacco smoke, contact with water in the swimming pool, and the like.

The product is in the form of eye drops for topical application. It is a complex preparation that contains sulphate and nitrate antazoline naftazoliny. Antazoline has antihistaminic properties, stops allergic symptoms, especially in connection with the release of histamine (dilation and increased permeability of the capillaries.) Naphazoline stimulates vascular receptors? -Adrenergic. Local application of its results in shrinking dilated blood vessels of the conjunctiva and eliminates the symptoms having to do with inflammation.

- allergic to the ingredients or drugs adrenomimetyczne
- glaucoma narrow-angle glaucoma

Oftophenazol Dosage:
Apply topically. It is recommended applying 1-2 drops into the conjunctival sac of the affected eye or eyes in adults and children over 7 years old. Operation can be repeated after 4-6 hours. Do not use for more than 3-5 days.


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