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NUXE BODY Serum body shaping to combat cellulite fat 150ml

NUXE BODY Serum body shaping to combat cellulite fat 150ml

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  • NUXE BODY Serum body shaping is extremely concentrated weapon in the form of a serum shaped body by fighting cellulite fat, with the participation of a triple mechanism of action.
caffeine, polyphenols from cocoa, Brazilian Mimosa extract Glaucine, Yacon root extract, microalgae
The product does not contain parabens, it has 94% of the ingredients of natural origin
Thanks to the 2-ch NUXE patents and 3-ch mechanisms of action, we are able to fight or largely eliminate cellulite and fat.
  1. release and breakdown of stored fat (natural caffeine in combination with polyphenols derived from cocoa - PATENT NUXE slows down the activity of the main sensors contributing to the slowdown in the liquidation of fat, the addition of an extract from the root of Yacon helps burn fat and prevents the re-accumulation of fat)
  2. fat burning (microalgae contained in the cream activates a natural process of burning fat)
  3. modeling and sculpting the body, using extract Glaucine and Mimosa brazylijskiej- PATENT NUXE
Immediately after the application is visible skin smoothing effect, using valuable pigments.
How to use:
A small amount of serum massaged into the skin for about 10 minutes in the morning and evening
Visible reduction of orange peel: 74% *
The skin smoother: 100% *
Reduction in thigh circumference: 72% *
* Test carried out under dermatological control a group of 43 volunteers after 56 days of use of the cosmetic (2 times daily).


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