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NUTRIDRINK Multi Fiber flavored strawberry 4 x 125ml

NUTRIDRINK Multi Fiber flavored strawberry 4 x 125ml

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  • NUTRIDRINK Multi Fiber strawberry flavor is a delicious milky drink with a high calorie and nutrient content. It helps the body fight disease and shortens recovery time.

100 ml of fluid comprises: energy kJ / 630/150 kcal, protein, carbohydrates, including monosaccharides and disaccharides, lactose, fat, including square. Saturated fat, fiber g 2.3 Minerals: at 89 mg, K 159 mg Cl 86 mg Ca 91 mg P 77 mg mg 24 mg, Fe 2.4 mg, Zn 1.8 mg, Cu mg 270 mg Mn 0.5 mg F 0, 15, Mo 15 mg

Nutridrink Multi Fiber strawberry flavor is a dietetic special medical treatment. A rich source of valuable nutrients - vitamins and minerals, and protein (casein), LCT fats, sugars (maltodextrin, sucrose) and fiber. It does not contain gluten. It prevents the occurrence of the symptoms of malnutrition or a perfect antidote to the related ailments. Thanks to the unique mixture of fiber regulates intestinal activity. Nutridrink Multi Fiber strawberry flavor is ideal for use both in people of advanced age and children.

- allergic to components of the preparation substance
- use in children under 3 years of age
- galactosemia
- fructosemia
- allergy to cow's milk proteins

Use the product within the dietary treatment in cancer, surgery (before and after), eating disorders caused by various factors, disorders, chewing and swallowing, cystic fibrosis, anorexia. Also indicated during convalescence. For children from 3 to 6 years used only as a supplement to conventional diet.

For oral use. To complement the diet is recommended to use product packaging 1-4 / 24h (300-1200 kcal). As a complete diet can be administered 5 - 7 packs / 24h (1500-2100 kcal). It should receive the product after cooling. It is recommended to drink it slowly (1 pack of 0,5-1h) between meals.


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