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Pierre Fabre

Nicopass 2,5mg x 96 lozenges with the taste of fresh mint

Nicopass 2,5mg x 96 lozenges with the taste of fresh mint

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  • Nicopass is a medical device based on nicotine. It helps to neutralize the discomfort associated with withdrawal syndrome and smoking cessation. It is characterized by the taste of fresh mint.

1 fresh mint lozenge contains 2.50 mg nicotine, equivalent to 16.66 mg nicotine with cation exchanger. Excipients: isomalt, hypromellose, anhydrous sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, peppermint flavor, GIVAUDAN flavor correcting flavor, (natural flavors, maltodextrin, acacia gum, propylene glycol), potassium acesulfame, ammonium glycyrrhizate, aspartame (E951).

Action: The product contains nicotine, which is taken in the form of lozenges, helps to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome. The product allows you to go through a difficult period for the addict to quit and do not succumb to a strong need to smoke a cigarette. The lozenge is dissolved in the mouth in about 30 minutes. Nicotine is absorbed through the mucosa of the mouth. Its highest concentration of about 4.20 ng / ml is obtained within about 50 minutes after taking one lozenge.

- sensitization to the constituent substances of the product
- rare smoking of tobacco products
- non-smoking cigarettes

Indications: The tablets should be used orally, for sucking adults slightly or moderately addicted to cigarettes, which want to break with the addiction.

Directions for use:
Use for sucking in adults. In phase 1, suck the lozenge when you need to smoke a cigarette. Take about 8-12 pastilles within a good one, however, no more than 20 pastilles / 24h. This phase should last about 12 weeks. In phase 2, when the need for smoking will slowly decrease, the number of intake of tablets within 24 hours should be limited. Treatment should be stopped when the dose is reduced to 1-2 tablets / 24h. The preparation should not be used for more than half a year.


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