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Neurodermatitis MAVENA B12 cream 100 ml

Neurodermatitis MAVENA B12 cream 100 ml

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Neurodermatitis Mavena B12 Cream

Anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and regenerating

10 to 15% of infants and toddlers suffer from itchy neurodermatitis skin by the time they start school. In many people, the disease disappears over time: Only 1.5% to 3% of adults are affected by neurodermatitis. 

The central problem with the relapsing disease is the disturbed skin barrier, which is more permeable to external stimuli. Triggers such as allergens or pathogens cause acute skin inflammation. In chronic conditions, the skin is dry, flaky and itchy. Often affected: skin regions on the inside of the elbow and knee joints, but also hands, feet and scalp in particular.

In order to strengthen the skin barrier and reduce inflammation - and thus the intense itching of dry skin - well-tolerated daily skin care is essential. With a careful basic treatment with mavena B12 CREME, mild to moderate eczema flare-ups can be significantly reduced and the skin can be soothed effectively and sustainably. 

Mavena - dermatological treatment concept • With vitamin B12, vitamin E, natural moisturizing factors, high-quality vegetable oils, skin-identical lipids • Anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, regenerates the natural skin barrier • Clinically proven to be effective  • Free of fragrances and colorings 

Neurodermatitis Patented B12 transport technology

It contains cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) as a functional substance. Cyanocobalamin reaches the top layers of the skin via the innovative transport technology, where it binds inflammatory substances and can thus reduce the degree of inflammation and reddening of the skin. In conjunction with skin-identical lipids (ceramides) and natural moisturizing factors such as urea and glycerine, the skin's barrier function is strengthened. As a result, reddening of the skin and itching are also relieved. High-quality vegetable oils (shea butter, chia seed oil, rice germ oil) and vitamin E have a lipid replenishing effect and help soothe and regenerate dry skin. Contains 24% lipids and 1% urea.

* after dabbing dry the skin in the diaper area, for non-infectious diaper rash

Neurodermatitis MAVENA B12 cream APPLICATION:
Apply to the affected areas of skin once or several times a day as required and massage in gently. For infants under 4 weeks of age only after consulting your doctor, as there is insufficient experience on this. If the impression arises that the medical device is too weak or too strong, the attending physician or pharmacist should be consulted.

For acutely exuding skin areas, mavena B12 AKUT GEL should be used until they are dry.

* One FTU corresponds to the amount of a strip of cream that reaches from the fingertip to the first crook of the index finger (approx. 0.5 ml).

General recommendation for the amount of creams used: AVOID TRIGGER 

It is extremely important to know the individual triggers for eczema flare-ups. Typical triggers such as pollen, house dust, cold air or clothing containing wool can then be avoided in the best possible way. But other factors such as stress, occupational and social exclusion, insomnia and nervous stress also exacerbate the symptoms. In order to effectively reduce the intensity, length and frequency of atopic dermatitis attacks, careful, regular skin care that is appropriate to the condition of the skin is essential. The mavena medical products have been specially developed for the needs of eczema skin and the relief of symptoms and are therefore ideally suited.


Many people with atopic dermatitis struggle with dry skin all their lives. Dry skin is often very itchy and more permeable to pathogens and allergens. Sweat also causes irritation and itching in dry skin. Nevertheless, eczema sufferers should do sports. It is important to wear suitable, breathable sportswear and - above all - to clean and care for the skin immediately after sport. mavena SHAMPOO and mavena HYDRO SHOWER GEL cleanse gently and do not dry out the skin. In combination with a subsequent care with mavena B12 CREME for face and body and mavena INTENSIVE CREAM for hands and feet, the skin calms down quickly and effectively.


Even the very little ones suffer from excruciating itching - triggered by diaper rash, cradle cap and eczema on the inside of the knees and elbows. It is particularly important for the baby's skin to break the itch-scratch cycle. Because by scratching, pathogens get into the skin and the symptoms are intensified. mavena B12 CREME can strengthen the skin barrier of chronically dry, irritated areas of the skin and significantly reduce both inflammation and itching. mavena B12 CREME is cortisone-free and is well tolerated by babies from 4 weeks of age.

Neurodermatitis MAVENA B12 cream Frequently asked questions and answers

Can neurodermatitis be cured? 
The skin disease is currently not curable, but it can be brought under control. With age, the symptoms improve by themselves in many of those affected. Regular treatment of the skin with well-tolerated care and cleaning agents is particularly important. These should be individually tailored to the skin condition, the course of the disease and the environmental conditions. In the case of acutely oozing skin conditions, an aqueous basic care product should not be used which is very greasy. In this case, the slightly cooling mavena B12 AKUT GEL is particularly suitable. The drier the skin condition, the more oil the basic care should be in order to be able to significantly reduce the symptoms. In these phases mavena B12 CREME is the optimal solution.

Why is mavena B12 CREME pink?
The color of the mavena B12 CREME is due to the cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) it contains. Any discoloration of clothing can usually be removed without leaving any residue by washing in the washing machine from 30 ° C. Nevertheless, it makes sense to let the cream soak into the skin before getting dressed.

Can mavena B12 CREME be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
The cyanocobalamin contained in mavena B12 CREME is a stabilized form of vitamin B12. Nevertheless, you should consult your doctor if the cream is to be used in the event of pregnancy and during breastfeeding, as insufficient experience is available. As a precaution, mavena B12 CREME should not be applied to the breast area during breastfeeding.


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