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NERVOMIX CONTROL x 20 capsules a calming effect

NERVOMIX CONTROL x 20 capsules a calming effect

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  • A calming effect NERVOMIX CONTROL is a dietary supplement that has a calming effect and reduce nervous tension. Beneficial effect on mood, removes irritation and soothes the effects of stress.

1 capsule contains 200 mg of the extract of the herb lemon balm, 142 mg of amino acid chelate Mg (including 19.7 mg of magnesium), 100 mg extract of hawthorn fruit, 30 mg of the extract with lavender flowers and 0.47 mg of vitamin B6.

The preparation belongs to the category of complex dietary supplements of natural origin. It contains ingredients that beneficially affect the functioning of the nervous system. Zinc also supports the body in stressful situations. Sedative and calming, bringing relaxation and rest. It relieves symptoms of fatigue and the negative effects of stress. Discharges nervous tension and provides a good mood. It improves memory and concentration and prevents muscle cramps night.

It is used in case of excessive irritability of nerve and with increased stress.

For oral use. For adults and adolescents be given 1 capsule. X 3/24.


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