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Natural Vitamin K2 100mcg (MK-7) + D3 1000 IU x 50 vitamin k supplement

Natural Vitamin K2 100mcg (MK-7) + D3 1000 IU x 50 vitamin k supplement

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  • Easy-to-swallow gel capsule with a unique complex vitamin. Dietary supplement Natural Vitamin K2 100mcg (MK-7) + D3 1000j.m.provide the body with the optimal dose of vitamins that will support the functioning of skeletal and cardiovascular systems.

Carrier (olive oil), vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7), gelatin (component capsule), humectant (glycerol), vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).

The content of the recommended daily dose - 1 capsule: Vitamin K2 (MK-7 - menaquinone-7) - 100mcg (133.3% of the recommended daily intake) (certified origin natto), vitamin D3 - 1000 IU (25mcg) (500% of the recommended daily consumption).

Dietary supplement created on the basis of 100% natural formula - a combination of natural origin vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7) produced from the extract of natto and vitamin D3. Vitamins are present in amounts and proportions for maximum efficiency. In the body, vitamins are responsible for proper blood clotting and maintaining healthy skeletal and cardiovascular systems. Vitamin D3 is essential for maintaining healthy teeth and bones, it affects the behavior of the proper level of calcium in the blood. Cholecalciferol benefits the skeletal-muscular system, improves the body's resistance and reduces fatigue and weariness. The most effective form of vitamin K2 is the natural extract obtained from natto (a Japanese dish of fermented soybeans). MK-7 is well absorbed and has the highest absorbency.Vitamin K2 restores proper blood clotting, helps transport calcium to the bone and prevents its odkładnie in the arteries, which prevents the occurrence of so-called. "Calcium paradox", ie the situation when arterial calcium is present in excess, and the bones are in short supply.Natural Vitamin K2 MK-7 is effective in reducing the risk of diseases of the skeletal system and the cardiovascular system by half. According to research use of 100mcg per day of vitamin K2 beneficial effect on the reduction of existing calcification, leading to the restoration of normal state of the arteries and correct bone density. Additionally, the food supplement is enriched with vitamin D3 1,000 units so improved for the activation of components and their distribution in the body. K2 MK-7 taken regularly for a long period of time can help to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, heart disease, and may also decrease the risk malignant tumors (including breast, prostate, kidney). It has antioxidant, inhibiting the formation of free radicals. The preparation of high quality, produced in accordance with GMP and HACCP. Use of the product does not cause side effects.

Dietary supplement Natural Vitamin K2 100mcg (MK-7) + D3 1000 IU intended to be used to supplement the daily diet with these substances, and as an adjunct to the functioning of skeletal and cardiovascular systems. Recommended especially the residents of areas with low sunlight most days of the year, and people with low supply of vitamin D3.

Additional information:
The product does not contain: gluten, casein, lactose, sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, and is produced without the use of artificial preservatives, fragrances or colorants. Genetically unmodified product. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Product stored at room temperature, out of reach of children.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the supplement. People taking anticoagulants before using a dietary supplement K2 + D3 should consult a doctor. How to use: Recommended daily intake: 1 capsule. In the event of increased demand for vitamin K2 and the desire to increase the daily dose to 200 mcg, it is permissible taking the two capsules once during the meal or after it. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.


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