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NATJUN Extra Gunpowder Green Tea 100g

NATJUN Extra Gunpowder Green Tea 100g

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  • Natjun. Green tea with a dangerous sounding name Gunpowder Extra, this is your weapon against fatigue and weariness! A cup of hot brew drunk in the morning surprise you wystrzałowym taste and recharge positive energy for the whole day.

Green tea Gunpowder.

Sure we all ask ourselves the question - why this name? The answer is simple - harvested, dried, curled tea leaves form small balls, which resemble almost the illusion of gunpowder. After brewing tea captivates gentle, unobtrusive herbal scent. In the mouth while an explosion of taste - expressive, and most importantly, devoid of bitterness. Extra Gunpowder tea is an option for anyone who needs a kick of energy - stimulates both body and mind. Numerous compounds and substances contained therein positively affect the digestion and overall condition of the body.

Additional information:
Tea should be stored in a dry place, preferably sealed to prevent access to foreign odors.

Company Information:
Company Natjun really cares about the quality of the product, tea is harvested in the selected proven, plantation of the Chinese province of Yunnan. The leaves are subjected to selection and packaging to ultimately get only the most beautiful - that's why you should choose a brand Natjun!

Country of origin of raw materials: China, Yunnan province.

The most important is brewing at the right temperature of water, green tea Gunpowder likes water at 70-80st. C, if you wait 10-12 minutes of boiling you can be sure that the water is perfect. Pour 1 teaspoon to a cup of tea, a glass of 1.5-2 teaspoon, pour and Steamed about 2-4 minutes. After drinking the brew tea leaves do not throw, because they can brew again, except that this should be a little longer - 5 minutes. Tea will be as tasty as the first time.

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