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  • Naklofen is a painkiller and anti-inflammatory drug in extra-articular rheumatism (myalgia, inflammation of fibrous connective tissue, synovial bursa, tendonitis, tendon sheaths, pain in the spine or shoulder joint),

1 g of gel contains 10 mg of diclofenac in the form of diethylammonium salt.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (aminophenylacetic acid derivative) with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effect. The mechanism of action is based on inhibition of cyclooxygenase activity (inhibition of cyclic peroxide synthesis, e.g. prostaglandins and other inflammatory process mediators). Diclofenac, by inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis, stops the inflammatory process, increases the pain threshold. It has antiaggregational effects on platelets (much weaker than acetylsalicylic acid). It is quickly and completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, reaching a maximum blood concentration after oral administration after about 2 hours. It penetrates into the joint fluid, where the concentration stays 4-6 hours longer than in the blood. 99% bound to plasma proteins. It is metabolized in the liver to 4 metabolites, of which 4 ' -hydroxy derivatives have high anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity. Metabolites in the form of glucuronides and sulfates are excreted in the urine (approximately 65%) and bile (approximately 35%). T0.5 is about 2 hours. Used externally (on the skin) - relieves pain, reduces swelling and inflammation. The gel form of the drug facilitates absorption, in intensive use or abuse, the general effect of the drug should be taken into account.

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug in the so-called extra-articular rheumatism (myalgia, inflammation of fibrous connective tissue, bursa, tendonitis, tendon sheaths, pain in the spine or shoulder joint), post-traumatic lesions (stretch, sprain, dislocation), osteoarthritis.

Hypersensitivity to diclofenac or other ingredients (especially propylene glycol). Hypersensitivity to other NSAIDs including acetylsalicylic acid. Do not use on damaged skin or wounds; during breastfeeding. According to the manufacturer's data: during pregnancy - can be used only in the case of extreme necessity only for short-term treatment. No data are available on the use in children.

Cover the sore spot with a thin layer of gel and rub gently 3-4 times a day. Avoid contact of the gel with eyes and mucous membranes. The preparation is for external use only.


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