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MYCONAFINE terbinafine hydrochloride cream 15g

MYCONAFINE terbinafine hydrochloride cream 15g

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  • MYCONAFINE terbinafine hydrochloride cream is used in dandruff versicolor, yeast infections of the skin caused by Candida, and fungal infections of the skin caused by dermatophytes of the genus Trichophyton, Microsporum canis, Epidermophyton floccosum, and.

MYCONAFINE terbinafine hydrochloride Ingredients:
terbinafine hydrochloride (Terbinafini hydrochloride)

MYCONAFINE terbinafine hydrochloride Indications :
- fungal infections of the skin caused by dermatophytes of the genus Trichophyton (eg. T. rubrum, T. mentagrophytes, T. verrucosum, T. violaceum), Microsporum canis and Epidermophyton floccosum (eg. Athlete's foot, ringworm skin folds, athlete's trunk )
- a yeast infection of the skin caused by Candida (eg. Candida albicans)
- a dandruff versicolor

Terbinafine hydrochloride Action:
Myconafine antifungal cream is a drug for topical application. The active substance is terbinafine allylamine broad spectrum antifungal activity. Fungicidal activity against dermatophytes, molds and certain dimorphic fungi. Yeasts, depending on the species, fungicidal or fungistatic. It works by selectively interfering with the early phase of fungal sterol biosynthesis, resulting in ergosterol deficiency and an intracellular accumulation of squalene, resulting in cell death of fungi. Terbinafine works by inhibiting squalene epoxidase in the fungal cell wall. Not more than 5% of the dose is excreted from the body surface of the skin. Therefore, the effect of systemic administration of terbinafine on the skin is small.

- Hypersensitivity to terbinafine or any of the excipients of the cream Myconafine

Terbinafine hydrochloride Dosage Myconafine:
Apply topically to the skin. Adults and children over 12 years mycosis once a day for a week in dandruff motley for 2 weeks.


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