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Mucor mucedo, MUCEDOKEHL D 3 suppositories

Mucor mucedo, MUCEDOKEHL D 3 suppositories

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Mucor mucedo, MUCEDOKEHL D 3 suppositories

Homeopathic medicine.


active Mucor mucedo, MUCEDOKEHL D 3 suppositories ingredients


  • 200 mg Mucor mucedo e volumine mycelii (lyophil., sterile.) D3

Mucor mucedo, MUCEDOKEHL D 3 suppositories excipients

  • hard fat

Dosage form:
suppository for rectal use

Preparation group:
fungal preparation Active

Mucor mucedo D3

1 suppository contains: 0.2 g Mucor mucedo D3 trit. (HAB Rule 6). Other component: 1.8 g hard fat

Experience has shown that it is used for:
Registered homeopathic medicinal product, therefore no indication of a therapeutic indication.

Mucor mucedo, MUCEDOKEHL D 3 suppositories Application:
Insert 1 suppository into the anus once a day before going to bed. After a maximum of 4 weeks of therapy, Mucedokehl® D3 should be discontinued.

Side effects:
Due to the content of specific organic components in Mucedokehl® D3, hypersensitivity reactions, mainly in the form of skin reactions, can occur in rare cases and an allergy to the component Mucor mucedo can be triggered. The drug should then be discontinued and a doctor consulted.

Do not use with:
• Known hypersensitivity to mold (Mucor mucedo)
• Autoimmune diseases
• Children under the age of 12
• Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Mucor mucedo, MUCEDOKEHL D 3 suppositories Interactions:
Drugs with an immunosuppressive effect can impair the effectiveness of Mucedokehl® D3. An interval of 4 weeks should be observed before and after treatment with orally administered live vaccines.

None known.

Contains lactose.


This remedy is indicated for symptoms associated with circulatory and congestive conditions according to traditional homeopathic practice.
* These statements are based upon traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Known as Enderlein's flagship remedy, Mucor helps resolve chronic and acute illnesses of the blood caused by complex morphological structures. This remedy is used to treat pathological disruptions in the arterial and venous system, circulatory disturbances, arteriosclerosis, apoplexy (stroke), embolisms, glaucoma, varicose veins, thromboses, diabetic gangrene, phlebitis, hemorrhoids and constipation. Mucor also improves wound healing and helps eliminate congestion anywhere in the body.


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