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Motherwort Forte N40 reduces emotional tension, nervousness, Insomnia UK stock

Motherwort Forte N40 reduces emotional tension, nervousness, Insomnia UK stock

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Motherwort Forte 40tab. reduces emotional tension and nervousness
Motherwort Forte is not a drug, but, despite this, it is recommended to apply in some cases,
consultation with a doctor and read the instructions. Our proposed instruction motherwort forte gives a brief description of the properties of the drug.
Its full version can be read on the package insert. The drug Motherwort Forte enters the group of dietary supplements.
And because it is a vitamin complex, created on the basis of plant components.
The preparation, in addition to the extract of medicinal plants Leonurus also comprises vitamin B6 and magnesium.
Therefore, it is sometimes called motherwort forte magnesium B6. Guide recommends it as a means of having a mild sedation,
which normalizes the cardiovascular and nervous systems. This effect can be explained by its influence magnesium,
which is also called an "element of peace", as he is actively working on the processes of the nervous and muscular relaxation.
Designed Motherwort Forte as an additional source to replenish the human body iridoids, vitamin B6 and magnesium.
Produced motherwort forte tablets Instructions for use prescribed the drug for increased nervousness and irritability,
fatigue and reduced ability to concentrate. Motherwort Forte, as a sedative, has found application in vascular dystonia, labile hypertension.
The drug helps to reduce the pressure in hypertension. Motherwort Forte, as a preventive tool increases the overall resistance of the organism,
increases its adaptability and protective properties at no adequate effects of physical and psycho-emotional stress, as well as stressful situations.
Tablets are recommended for women in menopause. It helps normalize sleep, stimulates metabolism. This drug normalizes cholesterol and sugar in the blood,
an indicator of its acidity and increases the absorption of food proteins. Dosing Motherwort Forte - inside of 1 - 2 tablets twice a day during a meal.
Motherwort Forte Use of the drug is prohibited at elevated individual sensitivity to the chemical composition of the tablets.
Contraindications to the use of it for stomach ulcers and 12 tiperstnoj ulcer, erosive gastritis in acute.
During breast-feeding a baby, as well as during pregnancy apply Motherwort Forte - is prohibited.
Side effect Motherwort Forte During supplementation Motherwort Forte can be individualized manifestations of allergic reactions,
disorders occurring in the gastrointestinal tract processes (dyspepsia).
When the correct dosage of the drug - Motherwort Forte does not cause drowsiness,
so after his admission can drive vehicles to perform work requiring increased attention and rapid response .
It is strictly forbidden to use the drug outdated, as well as in case of violation of the storage.
Manufacturer: Evalar, Russia.


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