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MoliMed for the Men protect absorbent cores x 14 pieces

MoliMed for the Men protect absorbent cores x 14 pieces

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  • Molimed for men protect. Hartmann has developed absorbent bodies adapted to the anatomical shape of a man. MoliMed to protect men's contribution to the V-shaped It will maintain the quality of life masters the problem of light incontinence.

Absorption bodies MoliMed is a solution for women who, despite the slight incontinence still want to lead an active life. The shape resembling the letter V contribution is matched to the anatomy of man. Cartridges give a sense of comfort and safety. The outer layer is created from the air-permeable material, so wear pad is comfortable and does not irritate the skin. The cartridge itself has excellent absorption system of superabsorbent particles CyDex associated moisture and a neutralizing effect on the smell of urine. DryPlus layer prevents skin contact with moisture, by directing it into the cartridge. While the side tabs counteract any possible leakage to the outside. The product has a wide strip of adhesive that allows it to attach underwear.

MoliMed for the Men protect absorbent cartridges recommended for use by women suffering from light urinary incontinence, which may be due, for example. Prostate surgery.

Additional information:
The product stored in a dry place out of reach of children, at room temperature.

Method of use:
Use as intended. You can be attached to both the underwear and pants mesh.


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