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MoliCare Super Premium Soft diapers size M x 30 pieces

MoliCare Super Premium Soft diapers size M x 30 pieces

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  • MoliCare Super. MoliCare diapers Premium Soft Super characterized by a very high degree of absorption, so will be the best choice for patients with severe incontinence problem and stool. Size M: waist circumference - 90cm, abdominal circumference - 120cm.

Superabsorbent, comfortable diapers MoliCare Premium Soft super-breathable fabric ensure the safety and comfort while wearing. Absorbent core layer is responsible for the Dry Plus moisture retention within the cartridge, while the superabsorbent particles CyDex stops odor. With a soft non-woven fabric in the party hip skin can breathe all the time to prevent possible irritation. Surrounding the absorbent core tabs protect against pouring urine on the sides and behind form a sort of pocket, useful in case of problems with fecal incontinence. The outer part is made of a laminate, which is as soft as fabric and rustles. The diaper pants are anatomically shaped, perfectly adhere and conform to the body. Fastening system is easy to use and durable (Velcro fasteners and adhesive).

MoliCare Super Premium Soft diapers recommended to put on those with the highest degree of urinary and fecal incontinence. For patients who are hyperactive and require constant care. Recommended for use at night.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, in a dry place.

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Use as intended.


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