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Mobile MoliCare absorbent pants size M x 60 pieces

Mobile MoliCare absorbent pants size M x 60 pieces

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  • Mobile MoliCare. The absorbent pants MoliCare Mobile size M for people with waist circumference - 80cm, and abdominal circumference - 120cm.Recommended mobile patients who want to be active despite a problem with incontinence.

This product MoliCare Mobile combines the function of the appearance of a traditional diaper pants underwear. The absorbent pants have a special absorbent core layer Dry Plus, which traps moisture inside. The superabsorbent particles from CyDex ensures that the outside from entering any unpleasant odors. The inner side tabs and cuffs flexible block to leak sideways. Soft non-woven exterior gives a sense of comfort and safety. Anatomical cut makes the panties fit perfectly to the shape of the body and are invisible under clothing. The manufacturer has made efforts to manufacture as much as possible resembled an ordinary underwear, and he could be alone to fit and remove.

MoliCare Mobile absorbent pants recommended as a solution to the problem of incontinence for patients who continue to lead an active lifestyle or are hyperactive.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

How to use:
Wear as traditional underwear.


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