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Milk thistle (ground skimmed) 100g

Milk thistle (ground skimmed) 100g

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  • Flos (Spotted Ground Milk Thistle) is a high quality product that can be consumed or used for external use. Milk thistle has a soothing and moisturizing effect.

Minced, skimmed milk thistle (Silybi mariani fructus L.) - 100%.

Milk thistle (ground skimmed milk) is a product of wide application. It can be used in the kitchen as a food additive or to prepare a decoction as well as it can be used in skin care. Milk thistle is beneficial for the digestive tract. The addition of bath decoction relaxes the body and improves the condition of the skin. Milk thistle works moisturizing and soothing for various types of irritation.

Spotted milk thistle (ground skimmed) is intended for use as a diet component that improves the digestive system and soothes irritating skin.

Additional Information:
Store in a dry place.

Do not use in the case of hypersensitivity to milk thistle.

How to use:
Prepare a decoction: 1 teaspoon of ground seeds pour a glass of hot water, slowly boil. Cook on low heat under a cover of 5-10 minutes. After this time take off from the fire, set aside for 15 minutes, strain. Use decoction for bathing. Minced milk thistle seeds can also be taken directly.

Net Weight: 100g.


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