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Menopausal test AMIL plate x 2 pieces

Menopausal test AMIL plate x 2 pieces

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  • The product is intended for women who recognize characteristic symptoms of the menopause period, for use in confirming their entry into the menopausal period. The menopausal test Amil lamellar detects elevated levels of FSH in the urine sample.

Included in the Amil Platelet Menopausal Test:

Menopausal test: 2 items, instruction.

Operation Menopausal test Amil lamellar:

The menopausal test Amil lamellar allows to detect in the urine an increased concentration of follicle-stimulating hormone. This test is carried out to confirm the woman's entry into the menopausal period. There are two test plates in the package, both should be used for testing twice a week apart. This is important because the FSH level changes throughout the entire monthly cycle. The product has a sensitivity of 25U / ml, and its reliability is 98.7%. You can do the test yourself at home.


Menopausal test Amil lamella designed for self-made. Recommended for women aged around 40-55 who observe symptoms indicating menopause (eg changes in cycle length or hot flushes).

Additional information:

Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. A disposable product. The test can not be used as a pregnancy or ovulation test.

How to use the Amil Lamellar Test:

For external use. Use as intended. Before performing the test, read the instructions for use. The test is recommended to use morning urine (it is recommended to limit the amount of fluids taken late in the evening on the day before the test). Collect the sample into a clean container. Apply 3-4 drops of urine to the test plate using a pipette. The test should lie flat on a level surface. After 10 minutes you can read the result. After 20 minutes the result is unbelievable. The test should be repeated after one week. Interpretation of the result: positive result (elevated FSH level) - two red lines of the same intensity appear at control point C and at test point T; negative result (normal FSH level) - the red line appears at control point C.


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