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Mediderm Baby Oil for cradle cap 50ml

Mediderm Baby Oil for cradle cap 50ml

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Baby Oil Natural ingredients that make up the composition of the preparation provide nourishing, moisturizing and lubricating effects. Mediderm Baby Cradle cap Oil is used on the delicate skin of infants and children who have developed cradle cap.

Composition of Mediderm Baby Cradle cap Oil:

Prunus Amygdlaus Dulcis Oil, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Squalane, Tocopheryl Acetate.

Action of Mediderm Baby Oil on cradle cap:

Mediderm Baby cradle cap oil is recommended for caring for the skin of infants and children with cradle cap. The preparation nourishes, moisturizes and greases the delicate skin of the baby's scalp, thus facilitating the detachment of cuticles and their subsequent removal. Sweet almond oil and sunflower oil as sources of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins support the proper functioning of the skin. Squalane is also present in the protective lipid layer of the skin, gives the skin elasticity and softness, and supports its proper hydration. In addition, it protects it against harmful external factors. Vitamin E supports the maintenance of the proper condition of the skin.

Mediderm Baby Cradle cap oil is intended for use in the care of the delicate skin of infants and children with cradle cap. For use in the first month of life.

Additional information:
Store the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against the effects of moisture and light. Formula without SLS, parabens, dyes, preservatives, fragrances.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the oil.

How to use Mediderm Baby cradle cap Oil:

For external use. Put 1-2 doses of the oil on your hand or on a cotton pad. Gently spread on the scalp, leave it for a few hours. The oil should be washed off while bathing, then combed with a soft brush.


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