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MEDCOAT swallowing aid gel

MEDCOAT swallowing aid gel

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MEDCOAT swallowing aid gel

MEDCOAT® Swallowing Aid Gel Swallow
pills in one go!

MEDCOAT® swallowing aid is an innovative product that makes taking large or bitter tablets and capsules much easier. The preparations are provided with a slippery coating that supports the swallowing process.

MEDCOAT® Swallowing Aid coats large tablets, capsules and even split tablets with broken edges with a smooth and salivating coating that makes swallowing easier. The coating masks the inherent bitter taste of some tablets and replaces it with a pleasant lemon taste.
Older people in particular suffer from dry mouth – often as a side effect of medication – and can therefore hardly swallow pills. Children also refuse to take large, bitter or bad-tasting pills. The swallowing aid is therefore equally suitable for young and old and, thanks to the handy blister, also ideal for on the go.

To coat a pill, the pill is simply pushed through a flat plastic cup that is open at the top and sealed with a membrane at the bottom. The bowl is filled with a soft mass that forms a thin film around the tablet or capsule when you push it through. A bowl is usually sufficient for one large tablet or two smaller ones. The swallowing aid dissolves about a minute after swallowing and does not affect the effectiveness of the tablets.


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