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Albert Poland

Manual breast pump Sanity x 1 piece

Manual breast pump Sanity x 1 piece

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  • Very easy to use Manual breast pump Sanity is a product that will be useful for every mother. The breast pump can be used not only to express milk, but also to stimulate lactation in women who are just beginning to breastfeed.

Operation Manual breast pump Sanity :

The product is built from a suction pump and an unbreakable snap - the breastpump simulates natural sucking by the child. Adequate suction power ensures empty breasts from unused milk. The use of the Sanita Hand Sucker counteracts the clogging of the ducts and thus prevents infections and breast inflammation during lactation. The product works as a stimulator of lactation, as well as in women who have irritated warts.

Manual breast pump Sanity Application:

Manual breast pump Sanity for use in order to express milk and stimulate lactation.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. Not suitable for a microwave oven. You can not use disinfectants to clean the product. In the event of damage to any part, discard the entire set.

How to use Manual breast pump Sanity :

Each time, all parts of the product should be washed both inside and outside, and put into boiling water for a few minutes. Before using the breastpump, wash your hands thoroughly and wash your breasts. The plastic attachment should be placed at the breast, the food container should be directed downwards. Then press the pump, gradually releasing the pressure.


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