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MAN SUPER SENI urological pads x 10 pcs

MAN SUPER SENI urological pads x 10 pcs

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  • Seni Man Super urological pads for men with anatomical shape and large surface area of ​​the absorbent core. The product gives great comfort and security of a man having a problem with incontinence mild and medium.

Seni Man Super urological pads x 10 pieces of

Width: 9cm
Length: 40cm

Seni Man Super urological pads for men having absorbent, odor-absorbing cartridge and a large absorbent surface - size inserts 9cm x 40cm. Seni Man Super is high quality hygiene product for men who, because of incontinence, they feel uncomfortable and often drop out of the many activities of daily living and an active lifestyle. Using these pads Seni Man Super gives great comfort and safety in every situation, and thanks to the anatomical shape of the insert is invisible under clothing. The product does not contain latex.

Seni Man Super urological pads for men with mild incontinence and the average figure.

Remove the cartridge from the package. Peel off the paper from the adhesive strip, located on the underside of the insert. Unfold the liner side folds, so that the insert formed in the shape of a boat. Attach the insert inside the underwear so comfortably insert member to insert.

Choose the most convenient way for you:

1. Spread only the upper part of the side folds, so as to add to the insert member,
and leave out the scrotum.
2. Spread the folds of the insert and insert whole genitals in the resulting cavity.

Do not use the inserts if you are using loose underwear type boxer shorts. Do not throw the cartridge into the toilet - throw away the used cartridge in the trash.


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