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MAITAKE MUSHROOM powder capsules organic 93 pc

MAITAKE MUSHROOM powder capsules organic 93 pc

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MAITAKE MUSHROOM powder capsules organic


Maitake has been a medicinal mushroom that has been valued in Japan and China for centuries. Traditionally proven as a rich source of valuable bio-vital substances and to promote life energy.

In Asia, the maitake has always been considered a real delicacy. Its German name is "Klapperschwamm", which is certainly due to the shape of its growth.

The maitake contains a large number of different vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

He was first mentioned in writing in a Japanese fable from the 11th century. The term “Maitake” means “dance mushroom”. Legend has it that nuns got lost in a forest and discovered maitake - almost starving - as food. After enjoying the mushroom, the nuns are said to have danced exuberantly with the loggers who had joined them in view of this happy circumstance.

The Maitake, which belongs to the family of giant porling relatives, has beautiful, brown to glossy grayish fruit bodies. The fruit bodies that grow out like a bouquet of flowers are soft and have a fleshy consistency. They are extremely tasty. For many connoisseurs, the maitake is the tastiest mushroom of all edible mushrooms.

Cultivating this mushroom is extremely difficult. Only through decades of experience in this area and through constant improvement measures are we able to grow this mushroom in sufficient quantities. The maitake also grows on a specially designed wood substrate. The breeding process requires constant control and quick reactions. Therefore, this mushroom is only grown by our most experienced employees.

MAITAKE MUSHROOM powder capsules organic Ingredients:
Rattle sponge (Grifola frondosa) powder *, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) capsules
* from controlled organic cultivation.

The cultivation and processing into mushroom powder capsules takes place entirely and exclusively in our company in Limeshain, Germany. The ripe, freshly harvested mushroom is immediately and gently dried, gently ground to powder with a water-cooled mill and filled into HPMC capsules. Millet may be included.

MAITAKE MUSHROOM powder capsules organic Recommended
intake : 1 capsule 3 times a day with meals with plenty of liquid.

Keep the product protected from light, locked and out of the reach of small children. Protect from heat and store in a dry place. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, a doctor should generally be consulted before consumption.

93 capsules = 60 g (650 mg / capsule).

Maitake mushroom powder benefits:

Maitake mushroom contains chemicals which might help fight tumors, stimulate the immune system, and lower blood sugar and lipid levels.


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