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Protina Pharmaceutical GmbH

MAGNESIUM DIASPORAL 100 lozenges, magnesium citrate

MAGNESIUM DIASPORAL 100 lozenges, magnesium citrate

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MAGNESIUM DIASPORAL 100 lozenges, magnesium citrate

Magnesium-Diasporal ® 100, lozenges, magnesium citrate

(active ingredient: magnesium citrate)

Area of ​​application: Proven magnesium deficiency if it is the cause of muscle activity disorders (neuromuscular disorders, calf cramps).

Contains sucrose (sugar).

For MAGNESIUM DIASPORAL 100 lozenges, magnesium citrate risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Protina Pharm. GmbH, D-85737 Ismaning

Magnesium-Diasporal® 100, lozenges

For on the go and in between: ideal for all age groups

Against cramps and tension caused by magnesium deficiency. The lozenges contain pure magnesium citrate. This compound is body friendly and quickly active. For several times a day.


MAGNESIUM DIASPORAL 100 lozenges, magnesium citrate:

• Lozenges with 100 mg magnesium each
• Mild orange flavor
• 3 x daily
• Can be dosed individually
• Contains sucrose (sugar) and sweetener (<0.1 BE)
• No animal ingredients - suitable for vegans
• Gluten-free, lactose-free

lozenges with 100 mg magnesium per tablet

Active ingredient: pure, body-friendly magnesium citrate

Manufactured and controlled by
Protina Pharm. GmbH, 85737 Ismaning, Germany


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