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Lutein and zeaxanthin, LUTAMAX 20 mg

Lutein and zeaxanthin, LUTAMAX 20 mg

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Lutein and zeaxanthin, LUTAMAX 20 mg capsules 30 pcs

Please ensure a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

What is Lutamax?
Lutamax is a special dietary supplement used to treat age-related macular degeneration (AMD). It is recommended for use in all phases of AMD, including late phases. Lutamax contains the essential nutrient lutein. In humans, lutein is stored in the photoreceptor cells of the retina. It filters the particularly high-energy, blue light there and thus protects the visual cells from possible light damage. Lutein therefore has the function of "natural sunglasses" for the eye.

Lutamax 20 mg


Lutein and zeaxanthin, LUTAMAX 20 mg capsules:


  per capsule per 100g
calorific value 21.6 kJ/ 5.2 kcal 2837 kJ/ 687 kcal
proteins 0.19g 24.5g
carbohydrates 0g 0g
Fat 0.5g 65.4g
lutein 20 mg 2621 mg
vitamin E 20.5mg* 2687 mg

*= 171% of the recommended daily intake (RDA)


Lutein and zeaxanthin, LUTAMAX 20 mg Ingredients

Safflower oil, gelatine, vegetable lutein-zeaxanthin extract, glycerin, vitamin E, coloring agent: iron oxide.

Net capacity:
30 capsules = 22.9 g

Recommended Lutein and zeaxanthin, LUTAMAX 20 mg intake:
Initial intake: In the first 3-6 months of treatment, the daily intake of 1 Lutamax 20mg capsule is recommended. Due to the higher initial intake, the lutein and zeaxanthin stores can be replenished and the blood levels can be increased again. Higher blood levels of the substances also generally result in increased incorporation of these nutrients into the eyes. If you are older (over 70 years) or if you are overweight (body mass index over 30), it is recommended to take the higher dosage for longer (for at least 6 months).

Continued use:
After the first 3-6 months, it is recommended to take 1 Lutamax 10mg capsule daily to maintain a steady supply of lutein, zeaxanthin and the omega-3 fatty acids.

A notice:
It is important to take Lutamax continuously. If you stop taking lutein, the values ​​in the retina drop significantly again within a few weeks. The protective effect of lutein on the eyes can only
unfold if it is taken over a long period of time.

Important Lutein and zeaxanthin, LUTAMAX 20 mg notes
Lutamax 20mg/ 10mg is a supplementary balanced diet for the dietary treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The products are to be used on medical recommendation and under medical supervision.

Dietary purpose of Lutamax:
Lutamax is intended as a supplemental balanced diet for special medical purposes (balanced diet) for the dietary management of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in all phases of the disease.

Age-related macular degeneration: Age-
related macular degeneration (AMD) is a disease that occurs more frequently after the age of 60. Vision is blurred in the early stages of the disease. This vision loss becomes
progressively worse over the course of several years. Eventually you lose vision in the center of your field of vision. This makes reading or simple household chores much more difficult. That's what it means when you get older
a significant reduction in quality of life. AMD is one of the most common causes of blindness in Europe. AMD is caused by damage to the photoreceptor cells, particularly in the central area of ​​the retina ("macula lutea"), where vision is sharpest. The interaction of high-energy light radiation and oxygen causes damage to various substances in the retina. The consequences are deposits of pollutants ("drusen"), which impair the supply of nutrients to the visual cells and ultimately lead to their death. A particularly rapid and significant loss of vision occurs when bleeding occurs (“wet form of AMD”).

Properties of Lutein
Lutein is a plant substance that the body cannot produce itself. Unfortunately, we only absorb very small amounts of lutein through food. Lutein has the property of filtering the blue part of the light spectrum particularly efficiently (up to 80%). As a result, this part of the light no longer reaches the visual cells. This is significant because the blue light has a very high energy due to its short wavelength and is therefore potentially particularly dangerous for the eye. Lutein also has a strong antioxidant effect. It also reduces light scattering (“chromatic
aberration”). This effect allows edges or outlines to be seen more clearly.

Manufacturer Lutein and zeaxanthin, LUTAMAX 20 mg data:
medphano Arzneimittel GmbH
Maienbergstraße 10-12
15562 Rüdersdorf


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