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Linseed oil native Demeter

Linseed oil native Demeter

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Linseed oil native Demeter

in violet

glass Our DEMETER Linseed oil is cold and gently pressed and bottled in small batches outside of Zurich's Aathal/Heusberg, in the former shopping center across from the nature reserve, using a pressing process that has been repeatedly optimized for more than 18 years. Oxygen and light are excluded during the pressing and filling process. With a special cooling technique, we achieve an outlet temperature of 32° Celsius. The golden-coloured edible oil from the Linum Usitatissimum, which smells sweet when pressed, is native, unfiltered and untreated. In the violet glass it is optimally protected against light and oxidation-provoking environmental influences. Our linseed oil contains an average of 52 to 55% omega 3 fatty acids - naturally purely vegetable. Linseed oil is a basic component of the Budwig cream.

Our cooperation partner, the "peace-promoting" Sekem project in Egypt, grows our bio-dynamically grown flaxseed under contractual terms. As a measure against food waste, the "press cakes" are further refined into flaxseed flour .

Linseed oil Omega 3 fatty acids have an impact on blood lipid regulation, contribute to the normal development and growth of the organism, contribute to health as part of a balanced diet


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