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LINOLA cream Rhagades 50 g

LINOLA cream Rhagades 50 g

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Linola® cream Rhagades

Active ingredient: unsaturated fatty acids

Linola® cream Rhagades Application:
Treatment of skin diseases in seborrheic (oily) skin. Rhagades (painful skin tears), occupational skin damage and for corticoid-free interval treatment.

Linola® Rhagades was specially developed for problems with inflamed skin (e.g. acute eczema, sunburn) and tears at the corners of the mouth.
- soothes and cools the skin due to the high water content of 82%
- promotes the natural regeneration process of the skin
- counteracts inflammation without cortisone
- very good and easy to spread
- leaves no visible greasy film on the skin
- also for sensitive baby and children's skin
- free of mineral fats


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