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LAVOLTA Shea natural cream soft 125 ml 100% shea butter

LAVOLTA Shea natural cream soft 125 ml 100% shea butter

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Lavolta Shea Natural Cream Soft 100% shea butter

Smooth cream made of 100% shea butter with vitamin E, without emulsifiers, colors, fragrances or preservatives, therefore ideal for cosmetic skin care for dry skin, psoriasis or neurodermatitis. Absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy sheen. Relaxes, soothes and promotes the regenerative capacity of dry skin areas on the face and body. Also suitable for dry intimate areas and for the care of scars.
100% shea butter Special feature:
smooth natural cream without chemical additives, therefore without the risk of allergies to chemical additives.

Lavolta Shea Natural Cream Soft 100% shea butter Application:
LaVolta Shéa Naturcreme Soft should be applied to the affected skin areas 1-2 times a day. For larger areas of skin, first rub the cream between the palms of the hands and then apply it. For better spreadability, it can be warmed up briefly, for example on the radiator, without impairing quality and effectiveness. The application can be repeated as often as required.
100% shea butter Tip:
The natural soft cream is ideal for caring for dry, sensitive facial skin and décolleté. This also corresponds to the traditional use of shea butter by the Sahara women. The cream protects the skin against premature aging caused by solar radiation, hot or cold winds. In winter, the Natural Cream Soft can be applied as a basis before a day cream.
Shea butter content: 100%


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