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LAVANID Wound Gel V+ higher viscosity

LAVANID Wound Gel V+ higher viscosity

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LAVANID Wound Gel V+ higher viscosity

What does high viscosity mean?

In layman's terms, viscosity defines a fluid's resistance to flow. The higher the viscosity of a liquid, the thicker it is and the greater the resistance to flow.

are sterile hydrogels containing a preservative, with excellent tissue biocompatibility. They are suitable for direct application to the wound and for moistening and can be used on dressings with preservatives. This reduces the risk of bacterial cross-contamination from the wound and prevents bacterial entry from the environment.

LAVANID Wound Gel V+ higher viscosity Advantage

  • sterile gels containing a preservative, based on Ringer's lactate solution with an optimal polihexanide fraction.
  • Long-term, pain-free range of uses, thanks to their good tissue biocompatibility.
  • Suitable for dressings with preservatives - and for wounds with problem bacteria.


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