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Lactation pads, CANPOL EasyStrart pads x 48 pcs

Lactation pads, CANPOL EasyStrart pads x 48 pcs

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  • Lactation pads. Although breastfeeding is an unusual experience, many women complain about aching and irritated nipples and on clothes that are stained with leaky food. The Canpol EasyStart lactation pads will help you protect your underwear from getting dirty.

Canpol EasyStart Thin Breast lactation pads ensure comfort and discretion for every breastfeeding woman. Effectively protect the underwear from dirt, they are super absorbent. A pleasant feeling of dryness is ensured by a gelling cartridge. Each insert is appropriately contoured, additionally the material from which it is made permeates the air. The wide self-adhesive strip allows you to keep the insert in place.

Canpol EasyStart lactation pads recommended for women during lactation.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.

Directions for use:
Disposable product. Each insert is packed separately.


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