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LACTASE 9.000 FCC enzyme capsules, lactase enzyme

LACTASE 9.000 FCC enzyme capsules, lactase enzyme

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LACTASE 9.000 FCC enzyme capsules 90 pieces at 0.41 g, lactase enzyme

For lactose intolerance (milk sugar intolerance). In people who have problems digesting lactose, the enzyme lactase improves the digestion of milk sugar. Each lactase enzyme capsule contains 9,000 FCC units* of lactase. The lactase enzymes break down the lactose and promote carefree enjoyment of milk, dairy products and other foods containing lactose. This also ensures that the body is supplied with the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins it contains. 


Recommended lactase enzyme, LACTASE 9.000 FCC enzyme capsules intake:


Depending on the degree of lactose intolerance and the amount of lactose ingested, consume 1 to 2 capsules before meals with sufficient liquid.

9000 FCC lactase can break down about 45 g of lactose.

Since there are differences in lactose intolerance, those affected should seek advice on the role of the substance in their diet.

Nutritional values     lactase enzyme, LACTASE 9.000 FCC enzyme capsules        ​​per capsule                     per 100g


protein                        0.145 g                        36.2 g
carbohydrates              0.004 g                          1.0 g
physiological             2.5 kJ                          633 kJ
calorific value                  (0.6 kcal)                       (150 kcal) Ingredients: magnesium carbonate, lactase (9000 FCC units per capsule) , gelatine, release agent magnesium stearate Please make sure you eat a varied and balanced diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. Store dry, cool and protected from light and out of the reach of small children.

*FCC = Food Chemical Units (according to the Food Chemical Codex)
1000 FCC lactase can break down 5 grams of milk sugar


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