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LACTACYD PHARMA fluid Gynecological soothing 250ml

LACTACYD PHARMA fluid Gynecological soothing 250ml

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  • LACTACYD PHARMA fluid gynecological soothing product which was purified and gently washed at the same time alleviating the symptoms of irritation as itching and redness. Restores natural pH of intimate spheres.

Active ingredient: blue daisy extract, bisabolol, lactic acid

The product in the form of a fluid assisted care and disinfection intimate spheres. Responsible for alleviating skin irritation such as itching and redness. It contains an extract of blue daisy which has a soothing properties. Bisabolol relieves inflammatory reactions and promotes cleansing of the skin and mucosa. Lactic acid enhances the natural bacterial flora and restores proper pH intimate spheres.

This product is indicated for the care and cleaning areas of intimate, in particular for the therapeutic treatment of infection.

used externally. Use a small amount of liquid.


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