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KAMISTAD gel 10 g lidocaine and chamomile

KAMISTAD gel 10 g lidocaine and chamomile

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Kamistad ® Gel lidocaine and chamomile

GENTLE BLOOD AS THE FIRST SIGNAL, lidocaine and chamomile

If oral hygiene is inadequate, bacteria multiply in the mouth, which excrete acids and toxins and thereby attack the gums. Inflammation in the mouth and throat usually occurs in the form of swelling and redness, which can often be very painful. The gums are sensitive and bleeding can occur even with normal brushing or flossing. Recurring bleeding gums are the body's first warning signal and should therefore be taken seriously.

Persistent bad breath or an unpleasant taste in the mouth can also be the result of inflammation of the gums. If this is not treated appropriately, gingival pockets develop, which are considered a preliminary stage of periodontitis, which can spread throughout the oral cavity and even attack the tooth bones and lead to loosening of the teeth. Since the gums are an important part of our gums, they should be properly cared for.

KAMISTAD ® GEL lidocaine and chamomile

• Unique double active ingredient combination of lidocaine and chamomile
• Stops pain with lidocaine
• Inhibits inflammation with chamomile
• Promotes healing
• No. 1 * For inflammation in the oral cavity
• Kamistad ® Gel is a traditional medicinal product with mild effects


Kamistad ® Gel is a tried and tested immediate aid for inflammation in the mouth for young and old and contains a unique double active ingredient combination of lidocaine and chamomile. The lidocaine contained in the gel relieves pain and the chamomile has an additional calming and anti-inflammatory effect. Kamistad ®Gel can be used for mild inflammation of the gums and oral mucosa as well as for canker sores.


People who often suffer from inflammation in the mouth area should therefore pay close attention to good oral hygiene. This particularly affects the elderly, as dentures are a special endurance test for the oral mucosa. Especially when re-fitting partial or full dentures in the upper and lower jaw area, there is often a long period of getting used to from several weeks to months. At this stage, pain and red bruises are not uncommon and extremely uncomfortable. Similar problems can occur in adolescents with braces, which can irritate and chafe the oral mucosa. Here, too, pressure points and inflammation can be the result. Kamistad ® Gel enables precise pain treatment and anti-inflammatory measures for denture and braces wearers.


There are many reasons for bleeding gums or painful inflammation in the mouth. Above all, there is insufficient dental hygiene with tartar, plaque and caries formation under the gumline, a toothbrush that is too hard, poorly fitted prostheses, teeth grinding, hormonal changes (e.g. during pregnancy or during menopause), stress and allergies. But a weakened immune system or a vitamin C deficiency can also be the cause.


The tricky thing about bleeding gums is that the gums are often falsely spared when you brush your teeth, but this only leads to a vicious circle. Because then the bacteria can continue to multiply and thus favor the development of periodontal disease. Proper dental care is therefore important to prevent plaque, tartar and tooth decay. For this it is recommended to brush the teeth several times a day (especially after meals rich in carbohydrates), to clean the spaces between the teeth carefully (e.g. with dental floss or interdental brush) and to visit the dentist regularly.


Which active ingredients are contained in Kamistad ® Gel?
Kamistad ®Gel contains an extract from chamomile flowers and lidocaine hydrochloride 1 H2O. It thus alleviates the pain and promotes healing.

How many times a day can Kamistad ® Gel be used?
Adults and children over 12 years of age apply a strand approx. 1/2 cm long 3 times a day. The duration of use is not limited. Without medical advice, the drug should not be used for more than 1 week if the symptoms have not improved after this time.

Who is Kamistad ® Gel suitable for?
With slight inflammation of the gums and the oral mucosa as well as with canker sores. Suitable for use with denture and braces wearers.

When is a visit to the dentist advisable?
In the case of slight inflammation of the gums, treatment with Kamistad ® Gel and good oral hygiene are suitable. However, if gum pockets form or if bleeding gums occur frequently, if pain or suppuration occurs, a visit to the dentist is essential.


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