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IWOSTIN Capillin Forte local Concentrate 30ml

IWOSTIN Capillin Forte local Concentrate 30ml

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  • New company Iwostin - Capillin Forte Concentrate dedicated local vascular and reddened skin. The product of proven effectiveness in relieving redness of the skin of the face and body, and reducing the visibility of unsightly spider veins.

Active ingredients:
Micronized diosmin, hesperidin, algae Aldavine 5x Pronalen Aesculus, troxerutin, vitamin C.

Concentrate Capillin Forte is a comprehensive help in the reduction of vascular lesions and preventing their fixation. The highest effectiveness in relieving redness and bruising are micronized diosmin and hesperidin. In addition, they have a protective effect on the blood vessels, improving their condition. Five times more concentrated formula algae Aldavine, used in the formulation, improves microcirculation and ensures the integrity of capillaries, which significantly reduces their visibility. Pronalen Aesculus, which is an extract of horse chestnut and derivative routines - troxerutin are responsible for increasing the flexibility and power of capillaries, accelerate blood circulation, thus reduce the tendency of blood vessels to rupture. In contrast, antioxidant vitamin C protects against free radicals and improves skin tone. The ingredients of the concentrate has been chosen in such a way, but reduce the visibility of redness, while moisturizing and soothing.

Concentrate local designed for daily care of skin prone to irritation of the skin of the face and body with visible capillaries.

Concentrate Apply spots on cleansed face or body, in vascular lesions. Frequency of use as required. The concentrate is suitable for makeup.


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