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Incidin Liquid spray disinfectant 650ml

Incidin Liquid spray disinfectant 650ml

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  • Liquid disinfectant. Triple action fungal, viral and bactericidal in one product. Incidin Liquid spray disinfection has carefully formulated composition, the active complement each other properties, resulting in a quick and effective action.

100g as active comprises: 2-propanol - 35.0g, 1-propanol - 25,0g, amphoteric surfactants acting microbicidal (20%) - 0.375g.

Operation of the spray Incidin Liquid include: bacteria (including Tbc), fungi and viruses covered (HBV, HCV, HIV), Adeno, Rota and Papova. It is a product suitable for disinfecting various surfaces of metal or plastic. A unique feature of the fluid is its speed. The product is easy to use, pleasant smell and is well tolerated by users.

Incidin Liquid spray disinfection of surfaces intended to be used for: medical equipment (beds and chairs treatment, dental chairs), the medical device surface, ie. Windows, window sills, counter tops, toilet seats, handles, all hard to reach places surfaces that they are resistant to alcohols.

Additional information:
aldehydes. Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. Designed for professional use.

The product is ready for use, simply spray the desired surface from a distance of approximately 30 cm (it is advisable to use about 40 ml / m2), and left to dry. Can also be applied to fluid on a dry cloth, wipe the desired surface and left to dry. Please note that during the disinfection of electrical equipment must be disconnected from the network.


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