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ILON Lip Cream HS, protection against cold sores

ILON Lip Cream HS, protection against cold sores

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ILON Lip Cream HS, protection against cold sores

complete protection against cold sores
In Germany, 90% of the population carries the herpes virus, 40% of people have already gone through a cold sore disease that is particularly annoying to look at.** The medical-natural and colorless ilon lip cream HS works with its unique and highly effective Complete protection against a direct attack, tearing and drying out of the herpes-sensitive lips.

Because it is the only lip care with the patented microalgae active substance Spiralin, which forms a colorless protective film on the lips and thus ensures highly effective complete protection. The medical-natural lip cream is also ideal for daily preventive and aftercare and effectively and sustainably protects herpes-sensitive lips in infection-free phases.

Unique microalgae active ingredient Spiralin ®
ilon Lip Cream HS contains the unique microalgae active ingredient Spiralin®, which is processed using a scientifically based and patented process. The microalga Spirulina platensis from a tropical volcanic lake on which the ingredient is based has special protective properties against natural pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. When applying ilon Lip Cream HS, Spiralin forms a colorless protective film on healthy skin cells and blocks the attachment and penetration of the herpes virus into the cells. It also cares for the lips and thus prevents the crusting typical of herpes.

Application ILON Lip Cream HS, protection against cold sores recommendation


ilon Lip Cream HS is used during a herpes outbreak and is also suitable for daily preventive and aftercare. Apply a thin layer to the lips in the morning and evening and before sunbathing.

Protective effect repeatedly confirmed
The highly effective complete protection of Spiralin® was confirmed in a comparative scientific study*, an application test** and by experts***.

Stress & special occasions
Cold sores can occur more frequently, especially in times that are not just proverbially stressful. In such phases, the immune system is often already under stress and herpes viruses have an easy time of it. The protective use of the ilon lip cream HS for daily care is particularly recommended here.

Sun & first-aid kit
Intense UV radiation is one of the most common triggers of cold sores. Thanks to sun protection factor 10, ilon Lip Cream HS can protect herpes-sensitive lips from a herpes outbreak if used in good time. The medical-natural lip care should therefore not be missing in the first-aid kit.

* Mader J, Gallo A, Schommartz T, Handke W, Nagel CH, Günther P, Brune W, Reich K (2016) Spirulan derived from Spirulina platensis inhibits herpes simplex virus 1 attachment to human keratinocytes and protects against herpes labialis. J Allergy Clin Immunol 137(1):197–203.e3
** Application study, self-assessment by 350 people; January 2020
*** Prof. Dr. Kristian Reich, dermatologist and allergist, Interview Dec 2018 in Hamburg

ILON Lip Cream HS, protection against cold sores Frequently asked questions & answers

Kann man Lippenherpes heilen? Unfortunately, herpes labialis cannot be cured. It is a viral infection caused by herpes simplex. Once infected with the virus, you carry it with you for life. However, there are effective measures to prevent the outbreak of herpes and avoid unsightly cold sores on your lips: Strengthen your immune system through regular exercise and a healthy, vitamin-rich diet and avoid stressful situations and lack of sleep as much as possible. Intense sun exposure is one of the most common herpes triggers. Due to the protective properties thanks to the active microalgae substance Spiralin®, which counteracts a direct attack, tearing and drying out of the lips sensitive to herpes, daily lip care with ilon Lip Cream HS is recommended, especially in summer.

Can I apply lipstick after using the cream?
ilon Lip Cream HS is a colorless cream that is absorbed without leaving any residue. The usual use of a decorative lipstick does not affect the protective effect in any way.

When and how often do I have to use ilon Lip Cream HS to prevent cold sores?
The cream should be applied thinly to the lips every morning, evening and before sunbathing. If necessary, ilon Lip Cream HS can also be used more frequently.

Does ilon Lip Cream HS also help when cold sores have already broken out?
Yes, the highly effective complete protection from ilon Lip Cream HS can also help with an acute outbreak of herpes. The microalgae active substance Spiralin® can protect neighboring, non-infected cells from further infection by providing a colorless protective film on healthy cells and counteracts cracking and drying out of the affected lips.*

Where can I buy ilon lip cream HS?
ilon Lip Cream HS is available exclusively from your pharmacy without a prescription.

What pack sizes is ilon Lip Cream HS available in?
ilon Lip Cream HS is available in 3 and 10 ml.


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