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Ignatia amara BOIRON 9CH 4g

Ignatia amara BOIRON 9CH 4g

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Ignatia amara BOIRON 9CH 4g. The Bean of St Ignare or lamara.
It is a calming of the nerves, especially in nervous, fickle and contradictory people.
"Everything is paradoxical in Ignatia".

It can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Main indications:

The homeopathic granules of the laboratory Ignatia Amara Boiron can relieve frequent disorders in irritable and nervous subjects.

Use in case of behavioral disorders

Ignatia Amara can be used to treat certain behavioral disorders such as anxiety, especially when the subject tends to get irritated easily.

The granules of Ignatia Amara help to treat sleep disorders and to reduce nervousness.
The homeopathic strain Ignatia Amara, recommended for those who panic easily in a more or less frightening situation, is the ideal remedy to reduce the manifestations of spasmophilia or transient depression caused by emotional shock.

Use in stress-related p athologies:

The use of Ignatia Amara relieves headaches caused by excessive odor or indigestible foods.
Spasmodic and painful rules, high blood pressure, asthma, gastritis, neck pain, low back pain and some abdominal pain related to stress, can be effectively treated by Ignatia Amara.
Finally, tachycardia, aerophagia and throat-ball sensations are cases where the use of Ignatia Amara is effective.

Additional indications:

Ignatia Amara relieves menopausal hot flashes and especially those aggravated by emotion.
Another case where Ignatia Amara gives very good results is the treatment of nibbling created by the boredom in some children.

Directions for use with homeopathy granules:

It is not inadvisable during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Recommended dosage in case of behavioral disorders

For cases of sleep disorders, it is recommended to take 5 granules of Ignatia Amara per day.
The intake can be done 2 to 3 times each day if you have great difficulty sleeping.

Recommended dosage in case of stress-related illnesses

For stress-related gastric ulcer attacks, 5 granules of product should be taken at the onset of illness and repeated daily if necessary.

In order to reduce hot flashes due to menopause, it is recommended that you take Ignatia Amara at a rate of 3 granules per day for the first 3 months.
To solve nibbling problems, it is advisable to take 2 granules of Ignatia Amara 3 times a day.

Instructions for use:

Remove the tab, flip the tube and pull the cap slightly.
Turn the tube of Ignatia amara to drop the desired number of pellets into the cap and then deposit the granules under the tongue.

It is advisable not to touch with fingers the granules of Ignatia amara.

Conditioning and capacity:

Weight 4g. About 80 granules. granules of product translucent.
Each tube color corresponds to a dilution.


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