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Ichthyol Society Cordes Hermanni & Co. (GmbH & Co.) KG

ICHTHOLAN, Ichthyol ointment, ammonium bituminosulfonate

ICHTHOLAN, Ichthyol ointment, ammonium bituminosulfonate

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ICHTHOLAN ® SPEZIAL, ammonium bituminosulfonate, Ichthyol ointment

Active ingredient: ammonium bituminosulfonate, dry residue 62% .

Areas of application:
For short-term use (max. 9 days): For the treatment of stress-related pain in knee joint arthrosis.

Contains wool wax and butylated hydroxytoluene. Note leaflet.

For ICHTHOLAN special 85% Ichthyol ointment, ammonium bituminosulfonate risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

ICHTHYO;L-GESELLSCHAFT Cordes, Hermanni & Co. (GmbH & Co.) KG, 22335 Hamburg.

Stay mobile - we ensure better mobility!

Pain that lies deep in the knee joints can be caused by overloading or joint wear and tear. Mobility is then severely restricted and you are plagued by pain. This irritation in the joint often causes swelling and inflammation in the knee joint.

The use of the "black ointment" with the unmistakable smell has proven effective for this disease for decades. ICHTHOLAN SPEZIAL ointment contains ICHTHYOL, the active ingredient from nature with the deep pulling effect. This ensures that inflammation, pain and swelling are "pulled" out of the joint in a targeted manner and that blood circulation is promoted. This noticeably improves joint mobility and strengthens the supply of nutrients to the knee joint. The symptoms are alleviated and the active ingredient from nature is also well tolerated.

ICHTHOLAN SPECIAL Ichthyol ointment, ICHTHOLAN special 85% ointment, ammonium bituminosulfonate

• has an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates blood circulation, reduces inflammation, swelling and pain
• this noticeably improves joint mobility
• Promotes the supply of nutrients to the knee joint and strengthens the intact articular cartilage
• This is why ICHTHOLAN SPEZIAL Ichthyol ointment has been used successfully for many years in the treatment of arthrosis in the knee joint.


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