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Hydromotors gel 20g, injury

Hydromotors gel 20g, injury

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  • Hydromotors a gel, which adjusts the level of humidity at the site of injury or burns. This causes the regeneration and healing of the skin. Reduces the likelihood of scarring and scabs.

Acidic colloidal carbomer, carnosine, water, preservative: silver citrate

Preparation in the form of a hydrogel comprises carbomer stabilized carnosine and silver citrate. It creates a moist environment in a place where there is a wound. Thanks to the division and supports the movement of the cells, prevents the formation of scabs and thus in a visible way accelerates the healing process. Preferably, the regeneration process also affects maintain a constant temperature in the wound. It shows analgesic properties and helps prevent infection.

Use for dry or moist wound in the form of cuts, scratches, abrasions and fractures of the skin and burns.

- Components sensitization to the preparation
- use of the mucosa

Apply externally after cleansing and disinfection. Apply a small amount of the preparation to the wound, and then, if necessary (eg. With open wounds) onto a bandage or plaster. The dressing change after 1-3 days (after absorption of the gel).


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