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CERES Heilmittel GmbH

Horse chestnut, Aesculus hippocastanum mother tincture, CERES

Horse chestnut, Aesculus hippocastanum mother tincture, CERES

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Horse chestnut, Aesculus hippocastanum mother tincture, CERES

Aesculus hippocastanum, Horse chestnut

7 Health Benefits of Horse Chestnut Extract
  • May relieve symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency. ...
  • May treat varicose veins. ...
  • Has potent anti-inflammatory properties. ...
  • May relieve hemorrhoids. ...
  • Has antioxidant properties. ...
  • Contains cancer-fighting compounds. ...
  • May help with male infertility.

Aesculus hippocastanum benefits:

Aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) has been used for centuries as a treatment for dysentery, bronchitis, hemorrhoids, and venous problems in folk medicine. Clinical studies support its use in chronic venous insufficiency, hemorrhoids, and postoperative edema.

horse chestnut mother tincture

Plant parts used: Fresh peeled seeds

Manufacturing instructions: HAB, § 3a

Pack size / content: 20 ml

Horse chestnut benefits:

Horse chestnut leaves have been used by herbalists as a cough remedy and to reduce fevers. The leaves were also believed to reduce pain and inflammation of arthritis and rheumatism. In traditional herbal medicine, poultices of the seeds have been used topically to treat skin ulcers and skin cancer.

Pharmaceutical company:
Ceres Heilmittel GmbH
Schloss Türnich, D-50169 Kerpen

Manufactured by Ceres Heilmittel AG, Switzerland.

Homeopathic medicine.

active ingredients

  • 1 ml Aesculus hippocastanum mother tincture


  • ethanol

Horse chestnut mother tincture

Plant parts used: fresh peeled seeds

Essence of the plant:
Hardly any other medicinal plant is so completely characterized by a uniform design principle in almost all parts - from the nature of the wood to the biochemistry, from the leaf structure to the fruit - as the horse chestnut. This principle is called "rays and rounds". 

The "rounding" has something to do with swelling and heaviness, the radiance with an opposing force in the sense of holding together, tightening, counteracting the heaviness. The radiance is always particularly noticeable at transitions, at temporal and spatial transitions, i.e. from vital to old, from inside to outside. The annual cycle begins with the unfolding of the leaves. The young leaves, round and radiant at the same time, initially hang down vertically as if limp. 

Only shortly before they have reached their full size do the individual "leaf rays" rise horizontally to form an almost rounded shape. In this expanded form, the tree shades itself to a large extent. The pyramid-like, upright - i.e. opposing the heaviness - flower panicles are all terminally arranged and consequently only decorate the periphery of the tree. In the flowering stage, they envelop the entire tree in a "radiant coat". 

Compared to the flowers of other plants, each individual flower appears extremely massive and baroque. Their color is bright white with red spots. The widely protruding stamens, first pointing downwards and towards the end bending upwards against the heaviness, underline the radiant character again. The signature of "rounds and rays" is repeated twice in the fruit. They are encased in a slightly prickly (=ray-like) capsule. Its flesh is bright white, but the heavy, swollen fruit it contains is an earthy brown. But even this dull dark color is bathed in an eye-catching (and so appealing to children) sheen. 


Much of the shine and glow is due to a special ingredient called aesculin, named after the tree. aesculin fluoresces, converts potentially harmful UV light into less dangerous longer-​wave light and can only be found - like a kind of lack of protection - in the most vital parts of the tree: in the young twigs, the bud shells, leaf veins and blades of young leaves, in the seed coat and in the wood. As soon as the parts solidify or simply get old, this material shrinks. 

According to its essence, Aesculus is designed to counteract everything that is swelling, heavy, sinking with equal counter-forces, balancing the swelling tendencies "to keep them in line", to arrange "inner guidance". Indications and healing effects that cannot be mentioned here for legal reasons.


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