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Hexatiab, vaginal capsules

Hexatiab, vaginal capsules

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Hexatiab x 10 vaginal capsules

  • Hexatiab gelatin capsules provide support for the treatment of viral, bacterial and fungal infections. The product works protective and regenerating. The medical device contains a patented TIAB silver molecule and hyaluronic acid.

Hexatiab, vaginal capsules composition:

TIAB (nanocrystalline titanium dioxide with covalently bonded monovalent silver ions), sodium hyaluronate, aloe vera extract (Aloe barbadensis), PA / VA copolymer, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silica.


Hexatiab, vaginal capsules operation:


Hexatiab is a medical device in the form of rapidly dissolving vaginal capsules. The ingredients contained in them act like a protective barrier, thanks to which they support the treatment of various types of intimate infections, such as genital tract infections, vulvovaginitis, or genital warts. The product also works well as an adjunct to the treatment of postnatal changes. After dissolving, active substances isolate and protect tissues against irritants and microorganisms, help in the healing process. The product limits the multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms, promotes tissue regeneration. The composition of the product creates a patented TIAB silver molecule, moisturizing hyaluronic acid and soothing-soothing Aloe Vera extract.

A Hexatiab medical device intended for adjunctive use to prevent the recurrence of herpes simplex 2 virus infection (HSV-2), in the treatment of bacterial, fungal and viral infections - candidiasis, genital warts, as an adjunct in the treatment of postnatal changes.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children at room temperature. Protect against heat and moisture. The sun's rays may cause the capsules to take on a yellowish tint, but this does not affect their performance and shelf-life. The possibility of using the preparation in pregnant and lactating women should be consulted with a physician. Capsules do not have spermicidal or contraceptive effect. In case of abnormal skin reactions, treatment should be discontinued.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the medical device.

How to use Hexatiab vaginal capsules:

Before applying the capsules thoroughly wash the external genitalia, and wash your hands thoroughly. The capsule should be inserted deep into the vagina. It is recommended to be used once daily for a period of at least seven days. Use after first symptoms (discomfort, burning, itching) before active changes such as redness, ulceration, blisters appear. It is not necessary to use the interval between the local treatment and the capsule application.

Hexatiab, vaginal capsules


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