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Hemorosan cryoapplicator blue x 1 piece

Hemorosan cryoapplicator blue x 1 piece

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  • Blue cryoapplicator Hemorosan is recommended as an effective means to treat inflammation of hemorrhoids. This is a medical device that can be used in two ways - in cryotherapy, or as a precise applicator preparations hemorrhoids.

cryoapplicator Hemorosan, hermetically sealed container to hold cryoapplicator in the freezer, use leaflet.

People suffering from hemorrhoids should necessarily try out this innovative invention! Cryoapplicator Hemorosan in a safe, non-invasive way will help combat this persistent disease. The product can be used during the severity of symptoms, and in the framework of prevention. Taking advantage of the beneficial properties of low temperature, the product contributes to the relief of pain, swelling, itching, burning, reduces the swelling. But cryoapplicator use in cryotherapy is not only its use. It works well as formulations for rectal applicator. Thanks to the drugs reach the right place and can interact directly where it is needed. In this way improves their effectiveness. Cryoapplicator is distinguished by a unique shape with special protrusions safe high-quality materials which are adapted for contact with skin and mucous membranes. The uniqueness of the product provides mainly cold absorbent, which is located in its interior. It absorbs low temperature, and releases it gradually, prolonging the duration of action significantly. A safe product, easy to use, reusable.

A medical device Hemorosan cryoapplicator blue intended for temporary use in the treatment of inflammation of hemorrhoids and also during the recovery period. The product is especially recommended for women during pregnancy.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. Product Certified European utility model.

Method of use:
Use as intended. All information, including a detailed description of the correct usage, see the flyer. Cryoapplicator should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before and after each use, it is equally important to replace it at least once every 6 months. Clean cryoapplicator must be frozen for at least two hours (using a special container), and only then acquires its optimum temperature. The product can be applied alone or rectal formulations (suitable formulation applied to the frozen applicator). Leave until the cryoapplicator has reached body temperature, and then remove, clean and re-frozen. It is recommended to buy two applicators, to be able to apply them one by one. Inflammatory hemorrhoids: it is recommended to use at least twice a day for a minimum period of 3 days. As part of prevention: it is recommended to use at least once a week.


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