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HEMOCLIN SPRAY 35ml, hemorrhoids

HEMOCLIN SPRAY 35ml, hemorrhoids

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  • HEMOCLIN SPRAY. HEMOCLIN is a product that is responsible for relieving symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. It accelerates the healing process of the skin and has therapeutic properties for tissues.

water, Aloe barbadensis, krospolimer galaktoarabinianu acid poliglukuronowego, Hamamelis virginiana, PEG-8, xanthan gum, methyl diizopropylopropionamid, phenoxyethanol, etyloheksylogliceryna, disodium hydrogen phosphate 12H2O, sodium dihydrogen phosphate 2H2O, a perfume (fruit of Cucumis sativus).

The product is a convenient spray. Thanks to its components it effectively treats and counteracts the anal area. Relieves itching, burning, irritation and excessive sensitivity. The product is responsible for obtaining a rapid cooling effect that relieves hemorrhoids and other external anal fissures. It perfectly nourishes the skin and stimulates the natural healing process. It consists of a natural fluid based on the patented 2QR complex. This ingredient is obtained from the plant Aloe barbadensis. 2QR is responsible for inhibiting the development of pathogenic micro-organisms and therapeutically treating the tissues. The product exhibits slip properties that facilitate the defecation process - emptying.

- Hypersensitivity to the components of the product

It is recommended to use the product in case of hemorrhoids or any other external anorexia (itching, irritation, hypersensitivity or baking).

Apply locally. Apply the spray on the affected area and around it. Repeat at least x 2 / 24h for at least 14 days.


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