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PYLORI-Screen test on Helicobacter pylori x 1 piece - Helicobacter Pylori Test

PYLORI-Screen test on Helicobacter pylori x 1 piece - Helicobacter Pylori Test

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  • Helicobacter pylori in most cases (80%) is responsible for the development of gastric and duodenal ulcers. The PYLORI-Screen test will detect antibodies against the Helicobacter pylori bacteria in the blood sample.

Test plate (1pc), plastic pipette (1pc), sachet with humidifier (1pc), bottle with dropper containing 1ml diluent (1pc), sterile lancet for blood collection (1pc)

As part of gastric and duodenal prophylaxis, especially in people who are struggling with gastrointestinal problems, it is recommended that you test for antibodies against Helicobacter pylori. With the LabHome brand you do not even have to go out of your home, the professional PYLORI-Screen test will quickly and accurately determine the presence of IgG antibodies. The PYLORI-Screen home screening test is a screening test and helps to identify any infection. Precision measurement was also appreciated by professionals, and the test is successfully used in rapid laboratory and hospital diagnostics.

Medical device The PYLORI-Screen test for Helicobacter pylori is intended for use in people suffering from gastrointestinal complaints (bloating, abdominal pain), in patients with anemia that is associated with iron deficiency. The test is recommended as a prevention of peptic ulcer.

Additional Information:
Keep out of the reach of children at room temperature.

How to use: For
detailed usage, see the information leaflet. Wash your hands, pull out of the test pack. Using a puncture device, take a sample of blood and then transfer the blood to the test cassette. Put the blood in the right place, then add 4-5 drops of diluent. Leave the test for 10 minutes, after that time read the result.

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